Friday, October 19, 2012

This is My Last Post. Sniff.

No. Really! But it's not what you think! I have a HUGE announcement to make, and am super excited! But first, let me just say how grateful I am to share my journey of getting organized and established with you! I feel so blessed and honored and want you to know that your comments and connections have added so much value over the past couple years and have shaped what I'm learning on the path to being organized and established!

In honor of the momentous occasion at hand, I am doing a giveaway. To tell you the truth, I really need your help to make it a success. This will in fact be my very last post at this site (sniff),  as the blog now lives over at our ALL-NEW website:

Would you help me have smashing celebratory site launch by sharing feedback AT THE NEW SITE? I appreciate your continued presence, and your feedback as we kick off this new chapter of Established Ways will earn you points toward our kickoff giveaway and virtual organizing party! To join the pre-party fun, visit my fanpage at! People are already accruing giveaway points there now.

Thanks again for reading and commenting! I can't wait to hear from you over at the new site and on the Facebook fanpage!