Thursday, December 9, 2010

And the Organizing Giveaway Winner Is.....

From the moment I read her entry, I knew she would be the winner of this amazing giveaway. Jenny Herman, the Many Hats Mommy, has a winning attitude! Here are several reasons she has been chosen :

1. She instantly expressed excitment at the prospect of creating a more happy and organized home.
2. She mentioned ways she was already making focused effort to bring more order to her home, and has the courage and leadership to share it with others on her blog.
3. She acknowledged the need for change, mentioning specifics.
4. She is busy at home with her children, with a business, and more!

Congratulations Jenny! I hope you get the results you desire your Family Manager Assesment, and that the experience encourages and inspires you as you strive for excellence in the most important position a woman can ever have!

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