Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Christmas is behind us, and for me, it was literally the best year ever! Thanks in part to those of you who read my post on Christmas and responded with thoughtful ideas, I was able to see what I had hoped for in my home during the season: simplicity, joy, and relaxation.

Today, I neatly put away our decorations, and although it took longer than anticipated, it was actually enjoyable! Every thing fit in one large green and red tub which I bought on clearance yesterday, along with a bunch of ribbon, bows, wrapping paper, tags, and cards.

At the clearance sale, I made a point of only buying wrapping paper which could be used for almost any occasion, such as solid red, silver, and multi-colored paper. These items did not go into the bin, and are ready for all-occasion gift giving in 2011. In addition, I have started a special occasions notebook to house our receipts and thoughts and ideas from Christmas 2010, and for recording details of our gift giving and special occasions moving forward!

Several months ago, I got a bin full of a variety of greeting cards for a QUARTER, so I am ready to send on-time greetings to those we love at a FRACTION of the cost to us prior to 2010! I am crowing, but with a thankful spirit, and to give you hope of establishing similar ways in your life that WORK FOR YOU!

It takes stepping out of yourself to choose change. Two years ago, I didn't even have the self-confidence, motivation, or "time" to go out and get gifts for our family. Like Eeyore, I was constantly under a cloud of doubt, frustration, and unhappiness.

If you are tempted to think: "I wish my holiday were that simple," or "It's all so-and-so's fault that the holidays are so difficult year after year," or "I am so busy just trying to get by from day to day, I wouldn't miss Christmas next year if it magically went away!", then know this: you need to give yourself the gift of established ways.

As with everything, it takes time to build routines and new habits into your life. Once you pass the learning curve, however, something amazing happens! You gain self-confidence and drive like you never had, and instead of yearning for rest or gladness, you see it creeping into your life like a cup of hot chocolate. It sneaks up on you in simple moments that you are newly ready for, and saps stress from your veins.

Decide to pursue your dream of being organized in 2011! Let me know what type of stress you most want to be SAPPED from your life!

Happy New Year!

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