Friday, March 4, 2011

Get Your Family on Board in Thirty Days!

Some of you have already heard some of these things, and know how they help in making change happen around your house. My personal experience has been that when you start following proven systems, you inspire your family to follow suit. I first launched out on the organized path six years ago when I read a book by Elizabeth George called Life Management for the Busy Woman. It was so inspiring, and I suddenly found myself putting up calendars on the wall, and using established systems for managing my daily life. Guess what! My husband caught on and before I knew it, we had a big fancy homemade wall calendar with everything we were doing on it! It was such a relief to get more done and be in sync. When you are in the process of making changes, though, you sometimes need some "girlfriend support," and I am designing a thirty day sprint to fit that need for support and accountability. Springtime is a good time to get on board for change, so comment below if you want to join, and do the following:

Change your mindset. Stop wishing and whining or thinking about what anyone else is or is not doing, and focus on what YOU can do (or STOP doing!) to CHANGE whatever it is that is bugging you! More importantly, start telling yourself, "This has got to change. I will do what I can do make it better. I WILL!"

Choose your method. You may already have "tried" a bunch of great systems for staying on track or keeping organized. Choose one that you loved, or try the Family Manager Daily Hit List for AT LEAST 21 of the next 30 days! The key to success in making a change is consistency and persistence.

Chart your milestones. Okay, so I wanted to use a "C" to make this simple outline homogenous! Truly,  however, when you are making a change, it is easy to look at where you "still"are, and not think about how far you have come. To combat getting stuck this way, rely on a support system such as our Established Ways hotline. I would be honored to be your motivation and accountability partner. Call in at (641) 715-3900 and enter code 144988# to listen to a quick (yes, really!)  message from me. Then leave a message and let me hear you crow on your achievements, or even ask a question about something you are finding challenging. We will be changing these messages frequently for your encouragement. Ready, set, GO!

I look forward to hearing about your successes, and having you as MY motivation partners!

Let's get established!

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