Monday, March 28, 2011

Motivation Monday!

I have been inspired and motivated by Many Hats Mommy this morning as I mulled over changes to make in postings over the next few months. Read her post for a great way to tap into your true motivation (your "why") even in the midst of stress!

Going into the next few months, you can expect two to three posts a week, with the following lineup:

Motivation Monday - Strategies for "organizing" what goes on in your mind and heart, so you can delete doubt (your biggest roadblocks) and make progress getting established.

Wildcard Wednesday - Over the last three months, I have found inspiration does not always go by a schedule, and reserve the right to address concerns that you bring up, or helpful things for you in a more random way!

Focus Friday - Go from frazzled, frustrated, and fatigued to fabulous by establishing and revisiting your priorities.

For accountability and a virtual motivation partner in your efforts to get established, call my (5 minutes or less) hotline:

Dial-in Number (641) 715-3900     Extension: 144988#

When I receive messages, I update it!