Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let Your Priorities Be Your Guide on the Organized Path

Taking my role as a family manager seriously and guarding my time, emotions, and habits has proven essential in creating real change in our family. As a "stay-at-home-mom" (can you tell I don't like this moniker?) I have learned that if you don't value your role, no one else will. You alone are responsible for the atmosphere you create and the emotions that you cultivate; and if you devalue your role, you will just feel like a food, sex, supplies, and help vending machine, just waiting for your buttons to be pushed. The demands of motherhood and family management are overwhelming unless you decide it's up to you to serve, it's up to you to define boundaries, and it's up to you live by your priorities. Do not insert excuses here.

I once told a direct sales mentor of mine, "I am terrified of goals!" I went on to say that it felt much safer simply looking back and recounting the blessings. Later, I even verbalized specific goals, and failed to follow through on them. Looking back, I know that deep down I knew it wasn't a matter of being capable of achieving those lofty goals, but rather of charting my course from where I was to where I needed to be with my priorities as a guide.

Often, the lazy way out is disguised with pious platitudes and thinly veiled self-justification. Guilt, too is a treacherous shortcut that saps your energy. Establishing your way of living starts with articulating your priorities in the key areas of your life: from your stuff, your money, your loved ones and community, your hopes and dreams, your holidays and occasions, your personal development and spiritual life, your time, to your physcial well-being. Through consistent action, you will see daily results, and when you look over your priorities again, you will see progress, and know what needs tweaking.

 Focusing on what's "STILL" not right can squelch your budding joy of accomplishment. Not being ready to clearly define these priorities and bind them together with the priorities of others can be even worse! If you at least have your priorities written down or recorded in some fashion, though, you will see your way from frazzled to fabulous!

If you do not have your priorities outlined,  set an appointment with me at the top right of the page to hear how I can help you get them clearly defined AND create an action plan! If you have your priorities guide already, post them here in the comments!

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