Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organizing Traps for Busy Moms to Avoid

The Gilted Cage Trap
Efficiency is king! When doing an organizing project in your home, resist the urge to run out and buy "everything you need" for it! Set up your system first and beautify later. Once you see a system really working for you, then invest in long lasting organizing products! Keep a list of tools you think would help you in your home, organized by room. For example, you may need a magazine rack of sorts in your restroom, or a space-saver device in your kitchen. Try using what you have first, or you could even go to the thrift store and buy temporary things to help you organize.

Lone Ranger Trap
Make it as easy as possible for others in the family to pitch in or benefit from your help when you are not around. Make it a habit to to pretend you have a personal assistant, and make notes on standard operating procedures around the house. That way you have a guide to help you teach your kids to help, plus you can post it so if you need to be away, your family won't have to call you incessantly!

Also, resist the urge to think badly of yourself and that you are the most disorganized person on the block. It helps to get an accountability buddy and motivation partner!

Self-Sacrifice Trap
Yes, moisturize and hydrate! I am guilty of this one, as I sometimes go to bed without moisturizing! The point here is to stop being a martyr mom and realize you are doing your family a disservice when you do not help yourself. Stopping to do something you love will help you unwind and remain pleasant. When we skimp on self-care, it has an adverse impact on our personal relationships within our family. It may seem counter-intuitive, but try practicing extreme self-care for a week, and see your spirits lift! Drink plenty of water, and stop and smell the flowers, or whatever you enjoy!

Which one of these traps are you going to escape this week? Fly, mom, fly!

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