Sunday, April 1, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank! Challenge Day One

If you have been an Established Ways reader for long, you know what we say is Your Number One Organizing To-Do.

In a recent conference call with a great mentor of mine, some areas that I have let slip came to my attention, AND personal and business changes have prompted me to ramp up in the personal management department so that I can GIVE more as a busy mompreneur! As you know, I say, "You can't give on empty!"

 So, (drumroll, please) we are launching the First Annual Fill Your Tank Challenge today, and I hope you will join us! It's going to be so much fun!

My personal challenge this month is to work out 21 out of 30 days! I am going to be talking about a really cool workout that I have been getting a lot of benefits from, but we will also be talking about beauty routines, rest, recreation, hobbies, days off, and much much more.

To join, start by weighing in on what the one thing you want to do for yourself this month which will make a huge difference for you in all other areas. Just go to the comment section at the bottom, or post it on Facebook. Maybe you want to get yourself to bed on time, or maybe you want to wean yourself from caffeine. Maybe you, like me, have an area of clutter which is nagging you, and it would  ease your mind if you simply took the time to knock it out this month!

Are you ready to make massive progress together this month? Here’s the kicker: All challenge contributors who comment either on the blog or my facebook fan page will be entered in a drawing for a free seat to our Busy Moms Group Coaching Virtual Event which starts May 1st!

Having at least one blog post daily is going to be a stretch for me personally, so I look forward to the motivation, accountability, and feedback I know you busy moms can give!

So, what are you going to do 21 out of 30 days this month that will make the biggest difference for you in getting organized and established, and how can I help?


  1. Like you Shelley, the one thing I want to do for myself this month is to exercise at least 3 times a week! Maybe sharing on your site will help keep me accountable.

  2. Rachelle, this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing. You are in the drawing!