Thursday, February 4, 2010


My first exposure to "organizational" systems was in school and church. I always loved the feel and smell of clean sheets of paper or an empty notebook, and secretly relished the strict rules about how to march in line, how to sign your name, or which direction to pass your paper. When singing practice went long because we didn't quite get it right, or I had to run across the parking lot to "go fer" the thing a  teacher needed, I had a skip in my step and a sneaking joy in my heart!

Knowing this, you might expect me to be a "born organized" person with a written plan for everything. On the contrary, outward disorganization has been a source of constant strain for me, particularly since I was married 13 years ago. Naturally, the outward is a product of the inward; but I have learned that "feeling follows action," and that jumping in and getting stuff done produces change inwardly, motivating you to follow through!

A lot of coaches have jumped onto various versions of the "organizing" bandwagon, but two of my recent favorites are the FlyLady System (, and the Family Manager System ( Hop over to their websites and take a look!

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