Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting On Blinders

Save yourself a lot of stress and try this: After supper, or after the kiddos are in bed, when you are thinking about all the things you didn't get done today, turn off the lights, and put away the evidence by feel only. You could even light candles if your floor is too cluttered to do this safely. My evidence was a pile of papers, which I stuffed into my inbox to be processed tomorrow, a sweater, which I hung up in the dark, and some books which I set aside for later.

Guess what. It's only 8:19, and I feel almost ready for bed. I'd rather procrastinate on purpose and get some mental and physical relaxation than let all that clutter sit around and make me sick to my stomach. Now, recent habits which I have learned from the Fly Lady ( have allowed me to keep things generally less cluttered in the first place, making it easier and easier to decide what to delay until tomorrow!

Today, I removed a bunch of clutter from my bathroom closet, and yesterday I filed a bunch of paperwork. However, I did not spend more than 30 minutes on these or other tasks which I have completed recently. The next time you find yourself thinking, "I am so tired of....," replace that thought with, " No more of this starting now! Chances are, the thing that is bothering you that needs to change may take more than one or several sessions to be changed! Remember that you already made a decision to make that change and don't beat yourself up just because it is such a huge task that it can't be done in one setting. Just like a horse wearing blinders, you won't be afraid, because you are headed straight toward your goal!

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