Wednesday, December 1, 2010

About a year ago, I was, to put it VERY mildly, “divinely discontent.” I couldn't seem to keep things together at our home, was running on empty all the time, blaming others for my unhappiness, lacking confidence, and feeling frighteningly depressed. In the midst of my disgust, I determined to create change, and began hunting for the help that I needed. The key concept that revolutionized my thinking was seeing my role as that of a multidepartment management position. Our home is now cleaner, more joyful, and more organized. In addition, my own stress levels have plummeted!

Too many moms are where I was not so long ago: way past worn out, and in despair over frustrated dreams, stalled studies, and non-existent me time. The massive, ongoing changes in my own life spur me to inspire busy moms to achieve more, grow more, play more, and rest more. To help you get from where you are to where you want to be, I offer access to the exclusive online Family Manager Assessment tool, which pinpoints your personal stress points and generates custom solutions based on your priorities. After the assessment, I provide you with training on how to implement your custom action plan. VIP clients can additionally get more one-on-one with me for projects such as custom planner creation, home/business filing organization, kitchen organization, business masterminding, self-care secrets, and more! Additionally, through group book studies, clients can gain knowledge on a broad variety of Family Manager solutions, as well as enjoy interaction with other moms.

Now, I want to share with you two of my favorite FREE clarity-creating solutions:

1. Go to and click on the FREE button in the column at the left, and register to download a “Daily Hit List.” Print at least 21 of the daily lists and set yourself a “planning trap,” so you won’t find yourself saying, “I printed these but didn’t use/can’t find them….” How to do that? You might magnet them to your fridge (and hide a fine point sharpie in the freezer to write with), or pin them up on a wall, perhaps hang it on a clipboard (with a pencil attached). You might tape or stick one up on your bathroom mirror, or even copy the info down on a large postie and stick it to an existing calendar…The point is, to DO IT, and in a way that works for you. Even if you move on after 21 days of using these categorized to-do lists, you will see definite change!

2. Go to and sign up for a free list-making account. Make your first seven lists based on the categories on the Daily Hit List. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, log on, and add the things that are racing through your mind under their appropriate category. Things that are short-term tasks you want to accomplish this week can go straight onto the hit lists, but these online lists can have your desires for long term change in them. For example, under self care you may put something about being faithful with an exercise regimen, or under family and friends you might put something about spending more time with your spouse. I RELY on this service for many lists, and my seven main lists simply have my priorities in those areas so that I can revisit them often to re-calibrate my mind.

During this season, I am giving away one Family Manager Online Assessment with 30 minutes of implementation training! To enter to win, post a comment here stating that you have chosen one or both of these suggestions to “practice” for at least 21 days; and tell me where you are, where you want to be, and why I should pick you. Now let’s be serious about change: saying I am unorganized, and I want to be organized, and you should pick me because I am so disorganized is not allowed! A better entry would be to say, “My doctor has told me that my physical condition is putting stress on my heart, but with all my responsibilities at home and work, I do not get the physical activity or nutritious food to help improve my condition. Please pick me because I want to make changes that will help me spend many happy years with my soon-to-be born niece…” I hope these tools help you focus and gain clarity!

It is an honor to share with you, and I wish you and yours a warm, joyful holiday season full of blessings.

Shelley Molitor is a full-time Family Manager, and Certified Family Manager Coach. A language lover, she speaks two Asian languages. She also loves working out, playing the piano and flute, and singing. She lives in the Dallas area with her husband and little boy.

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