Sunday, November 21, 2010

Want to Get to that Organized Place?

Have you ever said, "If I could just get to the place where I was organized..."? If you feel stuck, let me tell you this: the key to organization is the realization that it's a path,  and  not a place!   Imagine you would like to go to a tropical island for a family Christmas vacation, and imagine further that you have money in the bank sufficient for such a trip. You would sit in your living room for this whole holiday season, and never show up on that island (the place you would like to beto enjoy a relaxing family vacation if you said "If  I could just get on a plane, I might make it to a tropical island!" You would need to take the path to that place . Some  steps  on that path might include securing flight and hotel reservations. Right now, some undone things are gnawing at your mind, but you can't dream of doing them  because you are stuck thinking about general tasks! I know from personal experience how easy it is to get discouraged when you are in that place!  Think about this: is your goal in life REALLY to be organized? As my friend Cari Pemberton says, "Being organized is about taking care of the details so that the most important aspects of my life stay in top position."  If you think of these "important aspects" as  "places"  you want to go in the coming year, what would that look like? Do you want to start homeschooling? What is the path to that place? Would you remove non-school items from that extra room? Would you be practicing cooking less frequently and in bulk so you can devote more time during the day to education when your family school-year starts? How about taking your home-based business to a new level? What would that look like? Would you need to clear out that old filing cabinet and make room for marketing packets? Would you need to make arrangements with two or three babysitting candidates so you could devote one night a week to business building activities? Think of three "places"  you REALLY want to go in 2011, and write them down on  a blank sheet of paper in three columns. Put the paper in a prominent place with a magnet, tape, or tack, and add below each some steps on your  path to those places. When you organize details related to specific things and accomplish them, you will be inspired to do more, and bring order to even more areas of your life! Let's hit the organized path together!

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  1. Three "places" I am going in 2011:

    a. More date nights with my husband. I have taken steps on the path to this place by discussing bartering babysitting with a friend.

    b. Spend more structured time teaching my son. I have taken a step on my path by beginning to fill specific concepts/songs/information into a spreadsheet I can refer to on a daily basis.

    c. Inspire 30 women to adopt the Family Manager System as they step on their paths to their places. Steps on this path include identifying a few opportunities to speak to groups of women.