Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Do You Want a Happy New Year?

If you have called my hotline, you know that the latest lightning-quick message has to do with moving out of "I wish" into "I want" for making New Year Resolutions.

Did you know, however, that the word "want" used to mean "lack?" Try it in a sentence describing your New Year's Resolutions: "I lack an organized home." "I lack motivation to get up 15 minutes early and exercise." Now hang with me on this one, and consider your whiny toddler in the store, pointing at something and saying, "I WANT it!" Have you taught her to get what she desires by simply saying she wants it?

Can what you lack as described in your New Year's Resolution simply be handed to you like candy at a checkout counter? What, then, do you REALLY want? Does not DESIRE drive you toward the things most important to you?

Reconsider your resolution by looking back to the things that you have accomplished in the past out of sheer desire. This is a starting point for massive change in the New Year. Don't tell yourself what you lack, but what you are going to create. Then plan the work of making it happen. You will find wisdom in your work, and inspiration to accomplish more!

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