Monday, November 15, 2010

Inspiration, not Desperation

Yesterday, I had the tremendous pleasure of filling in for our church piano player while she was out of town. I felt unwell all afternoon, but the playing exhilarated and inspired me so much that I was able to temporarily ignore how I felt! Being able to accompany with the piano was something I visualized as a young girl when I went to church early with my mom every Sunday morning, and banged out songs by ear on the Sunday School piano while she prepared for her class. I pestered her for over a year until she finally let me take piano lessons, and she finally did. In middle school during an all-night lock in, I nearly passed out from belly flops as I went back in forth in the pool, ignoring everyone around me, determined to FIGURE OUT how to dive that night, and I did! Then, at my high school graduation, the gal who was valedictorian played an enchanting flute solo, and I was determined to play the flute as well.  I borrowed a friend's flute and labored excitedly for a few weeks until I mastered two songs enough to participate in an exciting Christmas parade in our churches marching band! Later, I got a flute of my own! Years later, I incredulously boarded a plane to China after only daring hope to be able to, and had a life changing experience living there for three years, even learning to speak the language!

For a great deal of my life, especially after marriage with all the moving around that we have done, I had a mindset that you just will never get organized! However, inspiration struck me again when I found the Family Manager System, and things have never been the same. Hope inspired me, and I stopped saying, "I wish I were organized!" Now, I am inspired by new ideas, and every time I am tempted to be discouraged by a setback, I remember how far I have come! After all, if we all got as discouraged about taking a shower as we might about being organized, we would all stink and feel icky! You shower every day don't you? Imagine how much progress you could make if you spent as much time as you spend taking a shower to just take charge of the one thing that bugs you the most and move on it. Is it that pile of papers, a yucky fridge, or are you late again? Try it! You don't have to finish it, just DECIDE that you are going to finish it,  and see if you don't get just a little bit inspired by WORKING on it!

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