Monday, December 27, 2010

Established Ways to Get Your Year in Gear!

I am so excited about finding and sharing more established ways of doing and organizing things to help you get your year in gear! Here's a taste of what we will discuss in the coming months:

1. Me Mondays - What are your fitness and nutrition goals and needs? Do you want to build your home-based business? What supportive self-care habits do you want to add to your life this year?

2. Toothbrush Tuesdays - Do you sometimes feel you don't even have time to brush? Do you forget to use your planner, or do you always wing it? Well, adopting some established ways (routines) and a good mindset will help you better manage the "daily grind."

3. Wall Street Wednesday - Are you debt free? Do you want to spend less (notice I did not say save more)? Do you want to actually save real money? Have you signed up for every auto-pay and bill-pay possible? What tools/established ways of organizing your finances have worked best for you?

4. Thankful Thursday - Most of us are blessed with more than enough, so we will give thanks weekly, and talk about ways to manage food, special events, and holidays.

5. Family, Friends & Fun Friday - Would you like to talk about organizing your child(ren)? Do you have regular date night with your spouse? Do you want to have more plain fun moments with your family? Do you need practical relationship building ideas?

Let me know what areas are most pressing to you, and what you would like to hear, and let's get this year in gear!


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