Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Organize Your Growing Children!

"Use what you have" is my organizing mantra, especially since I have a toddler. Constant change makes efficiency the main thing. Besides, using what I have as much as possible keeps the costs close to zero and leaves room for learning and changing!

In preparation for the addition of an art table and chair (Christmas present)to my son's room, and to remove a (too small) nightstand which was standing in for a wardrobe, I taught my son to put his non-hanging garments in bins under his bed. It won't be long before he will need a twin-sized bed, so I wanted to "practice" under-bed storage before we start shopping for a new bed.

What really tickles me is that sorting (not folding, gasp) is a developmentally appropriate activity for my boy. The way I see it, I have given him gifts other than the table and chair:

1. Developmental Practice
2. Establishment of Stress-busting Habits
3. Self-Confidence
4. Fun Time with Mommy
5. Joyful Mindset about "Chores"


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