Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom Planner

Several years ago, my husband and I bought planners for each other for a New Year's gift. They were great, but we moved away from them after two years. Armed with my new categorized mindset, I used the "old" cover as a starting point for a planner to accommodate. It took a little experimenting, but it works nicely! So as promised, here are pictures and a description of my custom planner and how I use it. Sadly, I can no longer find the Outlink planner cover, though they have other similar versions that look workable. If you think this type of planner may work for you, let me know what alternatives you come up with for the cover!
See first the finished product, and how the task pad on the planner cover opens up to accommodate the 8.5x11 Family Manager Hit Lists.

For monthly appointments and outside activities, I use the simple WalMart @ the office brand blank monthly calendar pad.

Next, I use a sturdy Black n' Red notebook, available at Walmart and Office Depot.

Finally, I add category tabs to the notebook  to keep my thoughts organized!

See below a closer view of how this planner cover has a foldaway compartment for regular sized sheets of paper:

When I hear of new upcoming events that my family and I may want to participate in, I jot them in on the appropriate date on the monthly pad. I later transfer the events to our online calendar so we can stay in sync. The hit lists live on the task pad, and my priorities in each department are on the first page of each category in the notebook, with pages in each category for me to write down notes and ideas ongoing.


  1. I kind of miss my planner. I use the ical now... but I dont' want to use 2 different planners either.
    THanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday link party. I would love for you to pick up my button.