Monday, January 3, 2011

Me Monday - Emotional Management Tips

Someone I greatly admire once said, "A woman will spend the rest of her life dealing with how she FEELS." It's true, and if remembering what you want is discipline, the ebb and flow of emotions can be a real thief of that constant remembrance. Try these tips to help you avoid falling prey to your emotions and selling out your goals and dreams!

1. Make a note of it. Undone, annoying, and frustrating things crop up in your mind daily and produce a negative emotional reaction. Make an audio memo on your phone, text it to yourself, or jot down a quick entry in your journal when this happens. Come back to the "note" when you are in a more refreshed state of mind, and you may see them differently. Some may be added to your calendar for a couple weeks down the road, your categorized to-do list for this weeks, or even be delegated or deleted! Don't let those mental burdens weigh you down!

2. Take a 3-minute nap! - I learned a technique from a friend that you can try when no one is looking. Set a timer for three minutes, and sit on the floor facing a blank wall (or the back of the bathroom door if you have toddler(s), he he!) Lie flat on your back, raising your legs straight up in the air, and shimmy forward until your rear, legs and the back of your heels are all flat on the wall. Look straight up at the ceiling or close your eyes, and move your arms out to your side. When your timer goes off, get up by slowly bending your legs and turning to one side so you can get back up. Make sure to get up very very slowly. The effect is tremendous!

3. Allow a change in schedule. - If you need rest, but have "a thousand things" to do, you may need to reschedule some or all of those things. This may seem ludicrous if you live your life putting out fires on a daily basis. For example, putting off going to the store when you have absolutely no diapers may seem impossible, but as you add more and more established ways to your life, you will start finding more flexibility to care for yourself in these ways! Just try the first two if this is you, and you will be surprised how soon you will have a chance to use number 3!


  1. Ironic you should post this today.

  2. Interesting ideas - I don't know about that 3-minute nap idea (sounds uncomfortable), but I think I might just have to try it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other week. The calendar tip using sticky notes is a fab addition - thanks!