Monday, January 17, 2011

Me Monday - Today's Before is Yesterday's After!

Today's before is yesterday's after. Go look at your old photo albums to see what I mean. Recall the emotions you were feeling in the pictures as you look at them, and what your dreams were. Don't succumb to the temptation to beat yourself up over dreams that you haven't made come true, but think about how things are different now.

Today, I am going in my mind's eye to my "before" on a typical Monday morning:
-It's 10:30 AM, and I wish I could go back to bed because my feet are killing me.
-I had yet another argument with my husband last night about the dishes.
-I have so much to do, and am so overwhelmed. I can't wait until my son takes a nap. I am just going to veg out until the last second.
-Something is wrong with this picture! I waited so long to have a child: why am I not happier? 
-My husband is so mean to me, and so frustrating. I just need some time to myself before I go crazy.

Now, for my after:
- It's 10:30 AM, and I am HOME! Yippee! Many a mom out there would, well, I don't know what they would be willing to do to be home this morning instead of somewhere else!
- My husband regularly compliments me on how great the kitchen looks.
- I am no longer overwhelmed with "toothbrush tasks," so when my son rests, I can work on other projects or rest myself.
-I keep getting happier, and when I have a down and dreary moment or day, it almost always can be attributed to hormones. (Watch out for this one, ha ha!) 
-I know now that "before" my husband couldn't figure out how such a smart woman as myself couldn't keep things handled: it truly was a mystery to him. He just assumed the best about me, and couldn't fathom why I didn't think I was at least a little bit great! Now I am learning more about him, getting closer to him, and enjoying him, because I have stopped blaming him for things beyond his control.

These changes all started with a decision, to change. For me a quantum leap in this life-changing process took place when I went through a Busy Moms Book Study. The feedback from other moms gave me a new perspective, and sparked hope in my life that I could indeed "do" this thing called organize! I looked forward to each session. That's why I now invite you  to join me in the next study starting February 1st at 8 pm CST!  Enrollment in this Telephone Group Coaching Event is regularly $39, plus additional book purchase,  but if you enroll TODAY, Monday, January 17, I will  include the book Busy Moms Guide to a Happy Organized Home ! After 12 midnight CST, the book purchase will be separate.

What you get:
-Free study guide in PDF format
-8 one-hour sessions of guided group responses to coaching questions
-Access to recordings of the sessions
-Chance to "compare notes" with other moms
-Fresh perspective on common organizing and household problems
-Deeper insight on your current mindset about organizing and family management
-Member access to semi-weekly accountability hotline as you pursue your goals!
-Opportunity to earn free VIP coaching sessions!
-Continuing Service Discounts

If you have questions, just post them. To enroll or make inquiries, send an email to with "enroll for busy moms" or "enrollment questions" in the subject line, and include your telephone number in the body of the email. I look forward to sharing many "aha" moments with all of you!

Happy Monday!

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