Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Friends and Fun Friday

Today, we are going to combine Thankful Thursday and Family Friends and Fun Friday.

Do you remember your "nag" list? Be sure to keep your list handy over this weekend and holiday, so you can nag your list whenever are tempted to "fuss" at somebody! Just tell yourself to keep the family time fun.

Starting today, let's add to the list. Whether it is a Family Manager Hit List you are using, audio, your journal, your gubb list, or a good old-fashioned piece of paper, go ahead and write in today's date, and whatever is bugging you underneath or after that. Next, list your chief accomplishment of the day, your "number one nag (the biggest thing that has GOT to change)," and what you are most grateful for!

If you have five minutes, take a rueful look in the mirror by hopping over to you tube to see part of the Thanksgiving scene from the Bing Crosby movie Holiday Inn, in which he sings I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For. The song doesn't start until halfway through the clip, but what is interesting is that the character's attitude is completely opposed to the lyrics of the song. I think I have been guilty of the same attitude many times myself. Nobody wants mama to be like this, especially when everybody has the day off!

Recording more than just what bugs you and making this a daily exercise will reduce your risk of remaining stuck, wallowing in frustration, and generally being a pill to be around. In order to get unstuck, you have to actually start believing that change is possible! Writing what you are grateful for and acknowledging what you did accomplish are a big step in that direction!

So (drum roll please) here is my list for yesterday:

I am pleased about the following accomplishment:
1. Planning and executing a memorable and simple birthday celebration for my husband.
What absolutely MUST change:
2. Groan! Yet another drive-thru trip!
What I am most grateful for:
3. Spending truly enjoyable time connecting with my husband--practicing a part of my New Year's Resolution!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy!

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