Monday, December 19, 2011

What Toothbrush Do Millionaires Use?

Are you bummed out? Discouraged, disappointed (in yourself), and disgusted? What are you not doing that you "need to do?"

Don't give up on your goals for this year if you are already feeling this way. Try these things to help you stay on course:

1. Resist the urge to "hide" behind toothbrush tasks (otherwise known as chores) in order to avoid your real goals.  If there are no dishes in the sink and the floor is vacuumed, but you haven't done your workout, spent time with your child, or your friend (your goal), this could be a sign that you are avoiding the activity that you "committed" to. I personally have let this happen to me and am writing this post hurriedly as I scoot out the door to go workout! I know that I will delete my self-doubt by following through on my goals. Remember procrastination is actually prioritization if you are exchanging a toothbrush task for a "high value" task. It really only takes a few minutes to "clean up!"

2. To regain focus, look at what you have let drop. When you do this, resist the urge to wallow in self-pity and simply determine to either reinstate the activity/habit, or delete it! Think of its value to you, and how important it was when you decided to do it. Write it down. Think of your "failure" as an opportunity. You see, if you are feeling "icky" for having "let go" on your goal, note the effect it has had in your life, most notably in your emotions. You see, feeling follows action, and simply choosing to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and go on can have  a powerful and energizing effect!

These mental exercises are employed by successful people, and can  help a busy mom feel like a million bucks. Really, all it is is doing what you said you would do! Nothing beats the feeling of keeping a promise--to yourself!

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