Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dump Your Hazardous Waste to Get Organized

This morning, I went to a local hazardous waste collection event and dropped off a box of expired pharmaceuticals. It was a large box with YEARS worth of stuff. 

It got me to thinking about toxic built-up mental gunk resulting from indecision and inaction. You know, those icky feelings that come from things that aren't attended to, like broken jewelry, paperwork, boxes of stuff to sort through, the fact that you REALLY need a haircut, and clothes that don't fit?

Does considering these things make you feel bad? I was just thinking today, "I have come so far, and look what I still need to organize and declutter! " 

Do you feel this way, too? Let's take our hazardous waste to the dump, starting today! Grab a weekly hit list at and write like a madwoman the things that are bugging you. Don't overthink it, just see what inspires you and beware of tackling anything too big. After you have your list, start putting things on the calendar for between now and the end of the year. 

At our house we are still working on the reorganizing project which we initiated in July! I hope this encourages you to press on in a spirit of hope and NOT self-deprecation! As a sharp mentor of mine says: "[H]ave a high standard of expectation for [yourself- just be] patient with the process and enjoy the beauty of imperfection!

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