Thursday, September 22, 2011

Video: Magnetic Home Education Hit List

My thanks goes out again to Many Hats Mommmy for sharing her daily template, and the inspiration I got from it continues!

After an encouraging visit with one of my readers who home educates her three children (and a wee hours of the morning discussion with my husband!), I have created a hit list of things to spend time teaching my son throughout the week. The material has been a "hit" with my son, and with the ongoing transfer of my office from our tiny pantry to the more sizable closet under the stairs, the material and books which I have on hand are more accessible for use. 

So many changes are taking place around our home as we arrange things in a way that best facilitates carrying out our priorities, and the ongoing massive results are amazing! I am now much more confident about giving my son lots of input for his inquisitive toddler's mind to absorb, and he likes the idea of having his own list. If you are a home educator, would you share some of your established ways of doing it as I work on improving this system?

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