Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Ways to Get Your Recipes Organized

Do you find yourself hunting for recipes over and over again? Do you have recipes and cooking resources scattered? Are you worried that what you do have is not "organized?" See my short video below on this subject, and spend 15 or 20 minutes implementing established ways to get a handle on your recipes. These rules hold true for digital recipes, as well:

1. Have a central location (folder or recipe saving service or software if digital) for all your recipes and cookbooks.

2. Tab (or tag if digital) frequently used recipes for quick retrieval.

3. Categorize the non-cookbook recipes that you do have.

4. Do NOT obsess about perfect uniformity. Focus on easy retrieval and containment instead. You can do one thing to improve your system every time you use it, and you will see massive improvement over time.

5. Finally, weed out what you are not using. If you don't cook a lot, or only use a few recipes, you should only have a few!

Watch the video to see my gloriously imperfect recipe binders (!) and system. Then call my hotline to tell me what you are going to do in your recipes! (641) 715-3900 144988#

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