Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Organized and Established Formula Part Two: Priorities

Last time we talked about practicing processes and embracing principles to help us get organized. Today we are going to talk about geting out of the realm of reaction and into responding according to PRIORITIES.

The more you automate processes for your days and weeks, the more your mind is freed up to consider your underlying priorities and to get direction. As long as you dwell on self-justifying thoughts, make excuses, or continue seeing your self as a victim, you will not know this freedom.

Stopping short of articulating your priorities, however, is a terrible loss, for this step is where you really start getting established! In the key areas of your life from your stuff, your money, your loved ones and community, your hopes and dreams, your holidays and occasions, your personal development and spiritual life, your time, to your physcial well-being; knowing what you are shooting for will carry you through the toughest day. Through consistent action, you will see daily results, and every time you revisit your priorities, you will see progress, and know what needs tweaking.

Beware though, that focusing on what's "STILL" not right can squelch your budding joy of accomplishment. Celebrate the small victories, and hold yourself to a higher standard while still being willing to accept imperfection!

Absolutely crucial to your commitment to becoming organized and established is having the right mentor, the right peer encouragement, and the right internal or external accountability. Any one or all of these powerful tools can help you get astounding results!

If you do not have your priorities outlined,  or need more help getting the gears turning on your daily processes, set an appointment with me at the top left of the page to hear how I can help you! Otherwise, leave a comment to celebrate your victories or share how you recently chose to follow your priorities instead of being swept up by circumstance!

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