Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 Steps to Organized, Part Three: Projects

We have been talking about a 3-part formula for getting organized, but it's actually more like zones. It's common to get caught in the processes zone, unable to clarify true priorities or move on to projects which create massive changes in life. If that sounds like you, it could mean one of a few things:

-You don't have established ways of doing even the most mundane tasks. Without these systems and processes, you remain in a state of chaotic reaction to whatever your days and weeks “throw at you.” You exercise little or no control over your time, emotions, or circumstances. If this is where you are, you most likely make excuses for not having systems by saying you are too busy or do not have enough time.

-It could also be that have established ways of doing your days and weeks, but are stuck in that rut. You manage to keep things on an even keel, but are plagued with thoughts of projects undone and desires unfulfilled. You may find yourself in an “I am an imprisoned victim” mentality, and that you occasionally burn yourself and your family out by trying to tackle it ALL in a futile attempt at a “project day.”

-The most likely scenario, though, is that you are mistaking poor preparation and planning of projects for “procrastination.” You might put off starting that business, clearing the garage, transforming that guest room into a craft room, or redecorating your living room. If this sounds like you, ask yourself the following questions, and write down your responses:
  1. What steps must be taken to complete this project? (Research online, phone calls, remove stuff or junk, get an estimate from a contractor, etc.)
  2. How long would each step take? (Jot your guesses beside steps.)
  3. What help might I need that would help me focus on this project? (Babysitter, spouse, ideas...)
  4. WHEN today or this week can I do one or more steps of this project?
Let's say, for example, that you plan to redecorate your living room. You can use the four questions above and jot your answers into the notes section of a daily hit list. Then you can categorize your thoughts as to how the project would impact your family:

Under “Finances” you would write budget estimates for your redecoration.
Under “Food” you could write what extra frozen meal(s) or takeout you would plan so you could focus on your project day.
Under “Family and Friends” you might put to ask neighbor or friend to babysit.
Under “Home and Property” you might put to remove the extra items hanging around in the living room, or to remove the current curtain.
Under “Time” you might fill in when you would pick up new curtains or supplies.

Should your budgeting priorities, unavailability of babysitting, or other factors lead you to decide to delay your project, you still have a concrete plan that you can use, and you can put it on the calendar to be carried out when it works best for you!

Regardless of where you are on your organizing path, you need established processes, guiding priorities, and well-planned projects to keep your home and life running smoothly so you can play more joyfully, rest more deeply, and achieve more fearlessly!

What “zone” do you think you are in today? Comment below, and if you need help determining your zone and an appropriate action plan, let me kn