Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting Organized and Established: A Journey

If you've read about me at my website, you know that I am a firm believer in "putting on your oxygen mask" first. In life, this means we are prepared and energetic enough to give to our family and to bless in our circle of influence. Beyond family, this principle of having boundaries and Established Ways of planning an executing our endeavors helps us to continue to live by our priorities.

We just wrapped up an  8-week session with some busy and brilliant moms in a virtual group coaching session, and it was amazing to see how being accountable was motivating for each of us. Moms who weighed in on the effect the coaching had said they have hope for being organized. Some moms said that their family even notices a difference in their home and life, while others noticed a stronger ability to avoid being swept up in the emotions of a tense moment.

These life skills support your ability to act on dreams, and spend more time doing exciting projects. This has been the case for me. As a reader, you may have guessed that it's one thing to get your home and life in order, and an entirely different thing to keep an entrepreneurial project  in order. It's hard to believe that Established Ways' blog has been active for over a year, and today, I have a BIG announcement! 

We are launching a new mentoring program which is by application only, and accepting applications until March 5th. This is  the first phase of the M.oms O.rganizing M.oms project you may have seen me mention by email or on Facebook, and it involves training and accountability which would normally be reserve for private coaching clients, plus a chance to make a difference financially for your family. Inquire BY EMAIL ONLY to receive application instructions. This program is not for everyone, but those who are  pre-qualified will receive an invitation to a group call for the details. You may inquire at shelleywritesu at gmail dot com to apply.

Thank you so much for being a reader and sharing the journey! Don't Just Get Organized! Get Established!

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