Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge Day 15

Wow! We are halfway through the challenge,  and I may not type fast enough to have this post actually be on day 15, ha ha!  We do need at least ten participants to hold the drawing for a free seat, so keep those personal challenge weigh-ins coming! I want to give a group coaching seat to a busy mama who could use some motivation, accountability, and inspiration in her organizing journey.

Since I have been a little sick, I have taken a break for two days from working out.  I am SO THRILLED at the benefits that I am already experiencing from the increased physical activity, including a  decrease in fatigue, an increase in clarity, and little or none of the usual aches and pains.

Today, I would like to recommend  a great book for self care, Marla Cilley's (aka FlyLady) Sink Reflections. The book may seem not to be a self care book at first, as the main content of the book has to do with doing your household chores and keeping your home in order. However, the theme of doing those things FOR YOURSELF because you deserve to enjoy your home and the fruits of your labor is unmistakable!

Before finding organizing solutions for ADD, this book was a turning point for me in being willing to stop blaming others for disorder and chaos, and owning the joy of accomplishment for myself. If you struggle with "keeping up," this is the book for you!

What is your personal challenge? Join the fun at the halfway point today!


  1. I love Flylady! She helped me learn how to routinely keep house as a newlywed rather than crisis cleaning on the weekends.

  2. Fabulous, Kimberly! I staunchly advocate avoiding weekend crisis cleaning! Thanks for dropping by.