Friday, April 6, 2012

Fill Your Tank Challenge Day 6

Ok, so I am tired. REALLY tired! I haven't worked out yet, I haven't blogged yet (oh, doing that now), and I need to get to the dry cleaners before they close down for the holiday weekend.

We have had out of town guests, my husband has suddenly had to go from working at home, to working in an office in this one car, home based business owning family!

But today I talked to a sweet new client, who just is so determined to make a change for herself and her family. I got choked up talking to her, and thinking of those of you who read and share the changes you are making.

I am so blessed and thankful for each of you. Please comment and enter this challenge. I can't wait to gift one of you with a seat to our upcoming Group Coaching.

I am still going to work out tonight, I promise!

Yikes! I have 20 minutes to wake up my son and get to the dry cleaners. We are of course going to stop at the park for fun along the way home!

I. get. you.

This is me being real. Have a great holiday weekend! You are awesome.

This is me telling you that by midnight tonight come spills, legos, or meltdown, I WILL have.....

17 workouts left for April.

Busy Moms Honor!


  1. Thanks, Amy! I did my workout. Got interrupted just as I was finishing, ha ha!