Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge: Day 5

I had an amazing day today, and got lots of exercise schlepping my son the  park on my bike with his bike trailer. As it was around a 5 mile ride, I am going to count that as my exercise for the day, but am still looking forward to my T-Tapp Primary Back Stretch before I go to bed tonight!

One of the things which has been on my mind over the past week, is about getting help. Especially in the midst of this amazing challenge and being accountable to post daily, it is weighing heavily on my mind. Also, our family is experiencing a cascade of high-impact changes which is making me seek more creative ways of leveraging my time and energy.

One thing that I do every couple of months is to get help with house cleaning! Oh, and I pretty much do not iron. Basically, if it needs ironed, it goes to the dry cleaner. But then, I have very few clothes...that's a different article!

WHAT you get someone to do is the key! You want to choose labor-intensive tasks and not delegate high-value tasks to others outside your family. As my son grows, I see this even more strongly. Just a few months ago, I was totally planning on putting him into a one-day-a-week program so I could work on serving busy moms through Established Ways. Now, however, I find myself leaning more toward playgroups and friends and staying with him. After all, for what I would spend on a program, I could an admin, AND still get to be with my son.

It is common to rely on "screen time," babysitters and other methods of keeping our kids occupied or farmed out when we need a break, or are trying to get "chores" done. What about trading pizza and a movie for laundry service, and taking free time with your kids? Can you imagine never saying, "please just let me do this so it will be done" again?

To be continued:

My Workout Challenge:

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