Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge: Day 3!

When I was fresh out of high school, I started learning how to pamper myself, take care of my skin and apply makeup more skillfully. I was inspired by a then up-and-coming leader in the direct sales/skin care industry. Over the years, taking care of myself in the beauty department became a very firmly entrenched habit.

Then I became a mom.

Showers became less frequent, and focused only on areas notorious for odor.  At-home beauty treatments became a thing of the past. I found myself "too tired" to work on brows or nails. Moisturizer at night? Nah.


Words from a cosmetologist friend became my comfort in more recent days: "I just pluck a couple stray hairs when brushing my teeth at night..."

Streamlined beauty routines have become my friend:
1. Remove eye makeup
2. Cleanse and tone
3. Wear moisturizing mask and eye cream to bed
4. Rinse in the morning/apply puffy eye gel for a few minutes in the morning
5. Tinted moisturizer
6. Cream eye and cheek color
7. Liquid eye liner
8. Pressed mineral powder
9. Tinted lip balm with sunscreen and mascara.

I have learned to do it as fast as it took me to type those steps! By the way, everything I need for steps 1 to 4 are right by my sink in my bathroom in my clever mini pocket.

Steps 5 to 8 live in a small clear bag under the powder room/half bath sink off my kitchen.

My lip balm lives in my purse on my grip it. My finger is touching it here in this picture:

Can you tell I am a mom on the go?!

This is day three of the Fill Your Tank Challenge! My personal challenge is to work out 21 out of 30 days this month!

Workouts left: 20


  1. I love good skin care. I also agree that it is an area that easily slips as a busy tired mom. BUT, I am actually refilling my GOOD skin care arsenal this week. I was beginning to notice the deficit on my face and do NOT like that! ;) It can be fast. Thanks for the reminder!