Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge: Day 4

Whew! I just got done doing my 15 minute workout. It was tough and energizing, like climbing a steep hill and discovering an awesome view! The T-tapp workout only takes 15 minutes, but by the time you get done, you feel like you have already been to the chiropractor, the massage therapist, the gym, and had a quick nap!

Teresa Tapp's book, Fit and Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes is a must if you're to understand why this workout is different. As an experienced exerciser, I know that form makes a difference. It is hard to stay in form on this workout. I definitely slipped up more than once, but I can still feel it. Plus, I am starting to get the hang of it!

Are you an experienced exerciser? Are you familiar with that burn that you get at about 35-40 minutes, where you can actually feel your metabolism boosting, and the warmth of a "second wind?" Well, with T-tapp, that happens within 15 minutes!

You know that infamous mommy pooch? Well, I have nice (ahem) fluffy one, and couldn't feel my abs for nearly year after having my son by cesarean. Even with months of some really great
"traditional" workouts last year, I still was feeling weak. Now, when I hear, "Hold that tummy in," I can actually do it! I feel young again, ha ha!

The beginning of the workout starts with the "Primary Back Stretch." (Boy it would have been nice to have right when my son was first born! It would have helped with the after effects of the anesthesia in my spine!) Now, I rarely miss a night doing a quick version of it before going to bed. Just doing that  over the past several months has gained me the following benefits:

1. Noticeably deeper sleep
2. Easier to maintain good posture
3. Knee and hip problems greatly alleviated
4. TMJ symptoms and related fatigue manageable
5. "Bad days" with fibromyalgia or arthritis symptoms more manageable
6. Able to relieve migraine pain or increase stamina by stopping to do the stretch

This is the workout I am doing during our Fill Your Tank Challenge, and in 21 workouts in 30 days, that leaves.......

19 workouts remaining!

What is your personal challenge or push to help you Fill YOUR Tank?

In case you were wondering, no affiliate links are in this article. I simply am sharing something that I have benefitted from personally!


  1. Ok, I've finally decided what my challenge is: getting in bed by 11. Even if I don't sleep at least reading to unwind. With my husband's afternoon shift schedule my going to bed has crept back later and later.

  2. That sounds great! Track your progress....and take a pencil, categorized journal, or hit list to your bedside. That way you can put the "oh man I forgots....." down on paper instead of stumbling around the house all night....