Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Have a Lot on My Plate!

Have you ever said that? It's a universal way of complaining delicately in our society and culture, isn't it? However, if you look around, you will probably find someone who is quite a bit "busier" than you are!

So, what's important to you these days? What's on your plate? Here is a little bit of what's on mine:

Boot Camp and Bicycling
About three weeks ago, I set a personal goal to be back in a size 14 by my 40 birthday, which is coming up in less than two months now! I have been using a meal plan called 6 Week Body Makeover, which I used with huge success several years ago before my son came along. I have lost about 10 pounds, but the meal plan and my lifestyle are clashing. We have been bike riding as a family a couple days each week in the lovely cooler weather, but I have cheated more than I want to, especially with such a HUGE goal. So yesterday, with the nudging of one of my accountability partners, I initiated a boot camp  with the T-Tapp workout I raved about back in March when we did the Self-Care Challenge. It starts with 14 consecutive days doing the workout! Whew!

Books I'm Reading
Ever since I was about four, I have been a voracious reader. You would laugh to see all the books I am now simultaneously reading!

Platform by Michael Hyatt
Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson (I cry every time I read a paragraph!)
Biblical Homeschooling by Ruth Beechik
Two Other Homeschooling Books I Won't Run and Get the Titles for Right Now, ha ha!
Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog: 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

I have a couple more I haven't even started:

John Maxwell's Complete 101 Leadership Book
Referral Engine (Can't Remember the  Author)

Boy Stuff
This will make you laugh. My husband subscribes to the emails I send out to my subscribers. He likes to see what I have going on, and critique it. (He points out my typos after it's already too late, groan!)
Well, one of the recent emails had a line like this: "Pick a date and start inviting all your girlfriends!" He sent me a response email right away! He said he couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes!

My other boy, the little one, has started kindergarten. He goes two days a week, and we "catch up" with the rest of the class at home. It is a pretty nice arrangement, and he has grown so much as a result. It was a very tough decision to make, but it has triggered growth in our family. We have reaped benefits in time management and teamwork. (My son helps me with laundry more now, and he gets dressed in the morning a little more quickly, and he helps set the table more!)

Did you notice that I talked about the really important stuff? Yes, there is stuff weighing on my mind. Yes, there are things that are "behind," but through it all, I am focused on what's important to me! What about you?

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