Thursday, April 28, 2011

Magnetic Checklists and Wall Calendar!

We have been needing an efficient solution to discussing items in our schedule without having to run to a computer or pull out some device, and to post check lists for frequent routines. Not wanting to spend for something ready made and be dissatisfied, I stubbornly hung up a homemade contraption made of printouts mounted on poster-board. It turned out to be a floppy failure! Resigned to ordering a pricey ready-made wall calendar, I "stumbled" upon a perfect solution at the grocery store, which is much more versatile, and cost less than half the price!

Freeze a frame magnetic photo holders are backed with magnetic sheets, and have thick shiny plastic protectors on the front. I currently have three: one for the monthly calendar, one for action steps in the important project of the week, and one for daily routines! Would you like to do your own? If you live near a Kroger, see if they have it in the office aisle, or go to the website to find one at a retailer near you, and follow these steps:

Check, check, check!
1. Print your desired checklists or calendars on card stock (use colored if you love that!) and slip one into the side-loading sleeve. Be creative and find packaging from something if you don't want to buy card stock, and WRITE your list if you have to! Oh, and what's stopping you from gluing your own magnets to the back of a page protector, etc!?

2. Check off items on your list, or cross off days on the monthly calendar using a dry erase marker. Isn't that less wasteful than a tear-off pad!?!

3. Update your lists in or your appropriate computer file and reprint only when necessary!

April is almost over!

So what do you think!?! 


  1. I think that is a genius idea! Actually, you could even attach your papers inside page protectors to a bulletin board if you already have on around. So many great ideas coming to mind.

  2. Thanks, Jen! Would you like to share your additional ideas for a possible guest post?

  3. @Jenny, thank you, you smart woman you!