Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts on Toothbrushing

Have you heard the entire children's song "This is the way we brush our teeth....."? It outlines an entire week, and highlights the "chore" of the day. Now I have said for many years that chores are "toothbrush tasks:" they just have to be done, and are so routine that they don't deserve to take up space on your to-do list. Putting these on autopilot and having at least a rough written outline helps make delegation simpler when life throws you a curve ball. Things like laundry, cleaning, and cooking CAN be delegated, and establishing ways of getting them done without necessarily doing it all yourself is foundational to creating opportunities to work on other things about which you are passionate. More importantly, the dust of your life begins to settle, and you can focus your thoughts on your priorities rather than shoveling through the mental and physical clutter.

Except in certain health situations, or for very young children, though, you can't delegate toothbrushing, so I am mulling over calling these established routines by another name! Any suggestions?

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