Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to A.C.T. Organized!

Do you have sheaves of notes that you have taken in classes, seminars, and other learning experiences which you swore up and down you would look over one day? Would you like to avoid adding to the pile?

A technique that might help you is John Maxwell's A.C.T. method. Having just finished his thought provoking book Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, I was reminded of an effective note taking technique I learned from a business coach a few years back. She said to focus on listening, and really only write down two or three things that REALLY jump out at you, and that you see yourself implementing within days or maybe weeks!

John Maxwell makes this method even more effective:

-"A" is what you write next to things you need to APPLY immediately,
-"C" marks things that you need to CHANGE,
-"T" is what you will TEACH!

So, here for you are my ACTIONS after reading this book.

A (Apply). Engage your "listeners" by showing gratitude for them as soon as possible, and letting them know you are committed to serving them and helping them grow. Can you tell how committed I am to helping you delete doubt through small daily actions, and how much I desire to see your confidence grow? I so appreciate those of you who participate here and on facebook and share your struggles! M. S., I can't forget your excitement over getting your purse organized, and seeing how it made you interact joyfully with your little girl (what  a precious moment!).  S.A., what joy and confidence you demonstrated when you told me about realizing you didn't need to panic because of out-of-town guests! J.H., I admire you for wearing so many hats, and not being afraid to put one or two down for a while! S.F., I LOVE that you made your own planner patterned after the one we shared here, and can't wait to hear how it's helping you. It is my privilege, joy, and commitment to inspire you to promote joyfulness and rest in your life, and to achieve more with established ways!

C (Change). Sharing your weaknesses and challenges can be an encouragement and help you to connect with your "audience." If you are somewhat of an "organizing buff," and visit other organizing themed blogs, you may wonder why I don't show "before and after" pictures here. I have repeatedly had people express timidity with me, thinking that I am "Miss Organized," and I want to set the record straight! Ahem! Thinking back, I truly wish I had some pictures of what my desk, home, and life used to look like even a year ago. The change is HUGE, and I still have some GREAT before pictures in my linen closets, under-the-stairs closet, and garage! If I wasn't slightly technically challenged (ahem! can you say weakness, grin!), I would slap a couple of these pictures up on this post. At any rate, more stuff like this is forthcoming. Further, J.H. and S.A. can attest to my multiple time zone blunders on telephone trainings, and there is of course the lock-out story!

T (Teach) This acronym and the power behind organizing your notes so simply is what I am teaching you today after reading this fabulous book. By the way, this is the only "notes" I have from the book, which I already returned to the library. The way I figure, if it didn't impress you enough to have it memorized, or inspire you enough to get you motivated; then it's probably fine to admit that you're not ready to act on the material, ignore it, and move on to the next thing!

What learning experience, book, or seminar have you attended/or are going to attend for which you can use this method?

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