Friday, April 15, 2011

What I (Re)Learned from Three Days of Focus

Several friends of mine recommended Lora Jensen's Three Day Potty Training System to me, and since my boy is getting too old to stay in pull-ups, I determined to purchase and follow the system a few weeks ago. I won't go into detail on my son's progress during the three days (after all, he growing up, right?!), but suffice it to say, we were successful. What I do want to share today is WHY I think it worked for me!

I did NOT follow the system "To a T," but got outstanding results, because rather than WISHING or HOPING for the desired outcome, I EXPECTED and PREPARED for a favorable and successful outcome! I bought special craft items for my son and I to work on for the three days, special juice and cookies, and fun stuff that we don't normally do. I informed my husband that I would not be available for daytime adult conversation, and that he could not take long walks with our son. I talked and talked about it, and read and re-read the ebook and instructions. I made clean up tools locations lists, and summarized procedural guidelines for my husband, who had not read the ebook material.

So what did I (re)learn from our three days of focus?

1. You Slow Down. Needless to say, on day one of training, I was a wreck. I wanted everything to be perfect, and was on pins and needles. The "fun stuff" was such a huge hit, though, that my boy hardly noticed! By day two, though, I relaxed and realized that we were really on target with the training.

2. You Accomplish More. My time for other things was severely cut back by my devotion to help my boy make it to the bathroom. When he napped, or right after a potty victory, I found myself being more productive because of my extreme focus.

3. You Think Clearly. It's easy to reflect on your priorities and what's really important when your daily activities are not a bloated list and you are not frantically dashing around "trying" to get stuff done while thinking to yourself that it's impossible!

As a mentor of mine says, "There is a difference between being interested, and being committed." Focus is born of commitment, and is the chief source of results. This is why people using wildly different methods succeed in trimming body fat and becoming more fit! This is why my husband and I were able to get out of debt after being inspired by Dave Ramsey's Baby Step System, even though we didn't follow it religiously! In each case, the focus and commitment is like an internal combustion powerhouse; and the systems, mentors, support, or products used were like the body of  a car, giving determined individuals a place to sit, and accelerator to push, and safety from the elements as they zoom to their desired destination. I like to use "Established Ways" because everyone's idea of successful systems is different, and personal priorities should be the foundation of your personal policies. What are your personal policies/established ways?


  1. Very helpful as I've been re-considering my own priorities and how to spend my time. Sooooo many choices!

  2. Thanks, Jen! Shoot me an email with a few key details if you want a sounding board!