Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do It Differently: Our Latest Organizing Fit!

Nothing seems to motivate me more than the accomplishment of fixing something that is bugging me, except maybe sharing it to inspire you! Below is my latest organizing fit, inspired by tips from the Clutter Diet by Lorie Marrero and Organizing Solutions for ADD by Susan Pinsky!

See here part of what was bugging me! This bathroom linen closet is deep and hard to utilize efficiently. I had the right idea using a turn table, but still need to declutter the area, as you can see. Meanwhile, my husband could never find his supplements and medications, which were scattered on and around a larger turntable in a deep cabinet down in our kitchen, Scroll down to see what I did!

I moved the small turntable down to the kitchen to hold my spices. I cook a lot, and use ALL the spices you see left. Yes, I threw a few old/less used ones away while I was at it! I kept the really bulky or nearly used up bottles off to the sides.

Now, I've learned that for people with ADD (though it hasn't been medically diagnosed, it seems like my husband and I both do!), it helps to be able to see everything in ONE row or layer right in front of you, so I repurposed my tiered spice rack after moving the spices to the turntable, and put all my hubby's supplements in a straight row on the front where he can't miss them. Even though I have to reach over them to get the cold meds and other supplies, it' not that big of a deal, because we don't have a cold every single day, do we?!?

I will show pictures once I finish the bathroom linen closet turntable!

So what do you think, and what are you inspired to do? Take before and after pictures, and I will post them!

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