Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More S.T.U.F.F. for Every Room: Getting Organized Without Breaking the Bank

You may be wondering what S.T.U.F.F. means! Well, it means Stop the Unnecessary Frustration and Fuss! With clear plastic shoebox-sized containers, you will stop searching and fumbling and groaning, and it will be easy for every member of the family.

Since these are such  favorite of mine, I am sharing just a few more ideas for using them all over the house:

1. Keep an empty one handy for your children to transport groups of small toys up and downstairs or between approved zones in your house so they can help keep things tidy without getting overwhelmed.
2. Keep coffee and tea supplies corralled on your kitchen counter.
3. Have one for grooming/beauty supplies for each user in your bathroom(s) on top of the sink for easy removal and use in another bathroom, cleaning, etc.
4. Keep small children's clothing in them under the bed and separated by type, as in socks, t-shirts, etc. This works well in summer with smaller, thinner garments, and keeping the clothes down low allows the child to learn to retrieve and put away her things.
5. Keep cleaning supplies by category in your cleaning/utility area
6. Keep bath toys near (yay, not IN!) the bathtub.
7. Store toys by category.
8. Have one full of "rags"in an easily accessible bathroom  to immediately sop up yucky spills, and perform carpet rescue.
9. Keep  smaller fresh toiletries and supplies handy for when things run out.

I do all of the above, though the clothing boxes have moved into the closet resting across a low bar as my son's new daybed will not accommodate the bins, and the bath toys have a considerably larger container.

Here are even more ideas:
10. Separate types of clothing inside your wardrobe (check size, use straight-sided ones).
11. Keep hair care supplies under sink if you don't have drawers.
12. Keep near entryway as a "catch-all" bin to keep stuff dropped there highly visible, but not "piled."
13. For, ahem, shoes!
14. To separate craft supplies by category.

Keep the tops with their respective boxes when possible, because you never know when you may need to pop it on and go!

Inspire us with more ideas! Leave a comment!


  1. One thing you may want to try before replacing the whole top ,is if it's in an area that you can cut out the burn spot, they make a kitchen countertops cutting board that drops in .There are few types and a few sizes that may work for you.

  2. thanks for your comment, though I am not sure what this reference is?