Friday, July 8, 2011

When Your Car Dies on Your Anniversary

Smart moms know that "murphy's law" is not so much about things going wrong at the wrong time as it is about life simply being the way it is! You know the saying about making lemonade when life gives you lemons? I am happy to say that I made lemonade today, in more ways than one! (Yes, I had lemons which were on the verge of getting yucky, so I did make lemonade.)

It's our anniversary, and our car is in the shop for the second time in a week's time! AND, we are a one-car family! Hey, you know what, I had a full fridge going into this, and we hadn't made reservations for anything for our anniversary, so my husband and I are making the best of it, with (drum roll) a huge organizing project!

My Pantry Office 
Since we moved here, I have not had a bona fide office space that really worked for us. I started in the bedroom with a small desk, which was a fiasco (hint, hint!) and have had my "control central" sort of spread out over the kitchen, dining, and living space for MONTHS now! It is MUCH more efficient than before, but I have been wanting to create room for a hidden standing space office for the longest time, and we are moving toward that this weekend with this project! We are not spending any money on this either.

So far, we have moved  a love seat from the living room and the small desk I previously used in the bedroom into my husband's office. We will be adding our television, to convert his office into a media room, and adding books/shelves which have been on standby in the garage for far too long!

Out of his office will come a shelf and a file cabinet, to create some standing office space for me in a closet under our steps! (That closet is in need of heavy de-cluttering first!)
Boxes from the Closet

In our son's room, we removed his toddler bed, and replaced it with half of an Ikea couch, making it up sort of like a daybed. He LOVES it. As soon as I installed it, he laid down and took a nap. (I relaxed, too, yeah!!!) We also removed his train table, and a bunch of toys from his room, as his birthday is coming along in a couple of weeks, and we need room for his new things. (Ahem, HINT!)

My Son's Room During
Can you tell how excited I am about this organizing project? I even made an amateur video and took a few snapshots of the progress! Go to my Facebook page and click on the you tube icon to see the video, or go straight to my youtube channel, establishedways to see the video! Let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas!
My Son's Room After His Nap!

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  1. I ran into a snag posting the video, and we are in the middle of the "big organizing project," which includes moving electronics around, so I will try posting it again afterward!