Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge Day 20!

Woo hoo! Just finished my Day 20 workout! I love how T-Tapp makes me feel!

How are you doing on your personal care challenge for this month! Weigh in on this if you haven't! Remember, with ten entries, we are giving away  a seat to our Group Coaching Event coming up May 1st!

Today, I want to talk briefly about three things that help me get  a handle on overwhelm whenever it threatens.

-Tame Tension with Toothbrush Tasks (If you are new, this means "chores." )
This means that briefly working on something I have to do anyway can bring relief with a quick and easy sense of accomplishment. You can then ride that wave and get on to more things. An example of this is that frankly, I am experiencing growing pains in my business, and was getting overwhelmed with other things needing to be done when I first sat down to write today. So, I stopped and did my workout first. In the fifteen minutes spent, my body and mind was more relaxed, and when I sat back down, PRESTO, inspiration. Be sure not to spend too long on these things though. A good rule of thumb is fifteen minutes.

-Strategizing in My Categorized Journal
Just sitting down for a few minutes to "download" what's on my mind can be exhilarating. I remember one time, sitting down and throwing away about 2/3 of stuff I had in my "business journal." It was so freeing to realize that what needed to be done which was important was not as sizable as I remembered in my mind. Journaling feelings, too, and "nagging" your journal instead of family members is vital to keeping a grateful attitude!

-Hit List Disappearing Act 
Actively choosing simply not to do something today and move it off our hit list also serves to lighten the load tremendously. We expect too much of ourselves, and get stuck in guilt instead of telling ourselves the truth. I experienced this today, when I realized that due to transportation and time issues, I would not be able to send out some invitations as planned. Rather than whine about it, I told myself the truth: "Hmm. This would not have happened if I had simply made it a priority to do it sooner. I'll just pick up the phone and leave voicemails for my friends." End of story.

These three tactics can save a lot of stress and guilt. Which one speaks most to you in this self care challenge?

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