Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Challenge Day 23!

Wow! Only a week left in this challenge! What an exciting time it has been. I have enjoyed meeting new readers and getting feedback from long-standing friends and readers! Thank you so much for being in this space and sharing your journey of growth with me! I get so tickled when I hear all the awesome things you are doing. If you are one of the ones who is still being shy, stop it! I was very touched today by someone who said they cried when they read part of my story. You help others overcome their own overwhelm when you tell yours, too. I like to say that a busy mom needs steams, support, and SISTERS to get organized and established! I did my workout earlier this evening, and am always amazed at how much better I feel right after doing it and how much more clearly I am able to think! A couple times,I have worked out close to midnight! It helps relieve so much tension and prepares me for rest after a looooong day! Did you know that this challenge was created not only because of my desire to work out faithfully this month, but also because of a challenge from a mentor of mine to post to my blog 30 times this month? Did you also notice that I I have missed a few days? That's where you come in: I need your help if I am going to reach 30 posts in 30 days! If you are a faithful reader, but have never commented, now is definitely NOT the time to keep waiting. Would you be willing to share several paragraphs on how reading Establshed Ways has supported you in your Busy Moms organizing journey? Stories like these are so encouraging, and I will have a choice of helpful gifts for you if you submit a qualified entry! What funny, touching, or encouraging story do you have to share? It could make a difference for another mom tomorrow! I know every comment and bit of grateful feedback I receive is positively uplifting to me! Will you take a chance and share? If so, comment below or email me at shelleywritesu at gmail dot com!

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