Monday, April 9, 2012

Busy Mama Fill Your Tank Day 9

The T-Tapp workout is getting more doable as I repeat it, and I can really feel it in my core. It has a great effect in fighting fatigue.

The first time I did the Primary Back Stretch from the workout, I felt a heat go through my body a few minutes after I got done. It really feels like going to the chiropractor! That warm feeling that you get from working out usually comes after a very long aerobic workout, but you achieve that more quickly with this one.

I frequently feel my neck "popping" and my back adjusting while doing this workout, and don't have "tightness" and "knots" throughout my busy days.

Once thing I have learned about posture from doing the T-Tapp workout is to focus on pinching my shoulder blades. If I feel like slumping, or am fatigued, I point my thumbs back in a double hitchhiking pose to get my shoulders up and back again. It helps a lot.

As late as it is, I am going to do my workout now. I know it will help this busy mom sleep better. When I get done, I will only have 15 workouts left for April!

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